Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Fitted Furniture offers a lot many advantages over freestyle furniture

Fitted Bathroom Furniture: Uplift The Look Of The Washroom With Bespoke Styles And Designs 

While renovating one's home, many people tend to forget about is; the bathroom. Bathrooms usually are the least invested spaces in a well-decorated house. These days, people are becoming more interested in even making the most personal corner of the house stylish and defined. After all, when one will enter the bathroom after a long day to take a shower, a cluttered space is not what they would like to see. There are many ways one can make the bathroom look great. One of the best options to add some chic factor; is by adding bathroom furniture customized and fitted. Add a few things here and there add some freshness to the aesthetics. Several types of fitted bathroom furniture one can choose for the bathroom, like shelves, a new sink, a mirror, cabinets, vanities, linen cabinet, etc. In the end, the objective should be to increase the functionality of the bathroom and also hike that style quotient. 

What is custom-fitted bathroom furniture?

One thing that irks many homeowners is the lack of space and style. Not having enough space leads to cluttering and can ruin the entire vibe and look of the bathroom. Now is when bespoke bathroom furniture will come into the scene. A fitted bathroom can be small but shall be more practical and useful. 

  • Less clutter: Fitted furniture will reduce clutter in the bathroom.
  • More style: Custom furniture will enhance the style quotient of the bathroom interiors. 
  • Proper fit: One can create custom furniture based on the space and layout.
  • Preference: The furniture will look and feel like the preference of the client.
  • Functional: Custom furniture will have more functionality and utility. 

What makes custom furniture best?

Fitted bathroom furniture is something that many people tend to be reluctant about before spending their hard-earned money. Custom fitted furniture is costlier among other options and, one will have to spend more time deciding and designing the piece of furniture. So, let's debunk these reluctances by listing some benefits of fitted furniture.

  • Optimum use of space: There are can corners that are left unused. Custom furniture with proper dimensions can help fill those spaces and turn them into useful.
  • Hide pipe works: Ugly pipe works can ruin the look of the bathroom. Custom furniture and cabinets can be useful in hiding those pipe works effectively.
  • Uniformity in the layout: Bathroom design and interior should look the same and uniform. One should opt for custom furniture of a similar style to make decor flow in a single direction.
  • Increase functionality: Fitted bathroom furniture uk like cabinets and vanities can be useful. It can increase the utility of the bathroom space. 
  • Increased storage: One can easily store toiletries, towels, and other essentials with added cabinets and carts in the bathroom.
  • Design a theme: If one has any theme and style in their mind like contemporary or classical, they can achieve that with custom-fitted furniture in the bathroom.

Why choose fitted bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furniture is something that will add a little light and style to the entire bathroom. Therefore, choosing to spend some money on getting bespoke bathroom furniture can be a good option. Reasons why one should choose fitted furniture for their bathroom, are:

  • Well built: The custom made furniture is always well themed and well designed. These pieces of furniture are superior in overall look and finish.
  • Preference and taste: One can choose the size, shape, material, color, design, etc. based on the interior decor of their house.
  • Unique: Unlike the store brought the furniture, bespoke bathroom furniture is unique in design. Every piece is different from each other and, thus, one will not come across the same piece of furniture anywhere else.
  • Long life: As more durable material is used, the life of this furniture is more. They are also more functional and useful. 
  • Well themed: Fitted furniture tends to match the bathroom's overall design and theme, unlike the freestyle options. 

Types of bathroom furniture

There are many bathroom furniture types that one can pick from, based on the utility and function. Some are big furniture, while others are small accessorial changes that enhance the bathroom's overall look.

Doors and handles

When it comes to the bathroom, privacy is important, and therefore, doors are needed. There are many doors handles that one can pick from stores. Some options are backplate handles, the lever on rose handles, knobs, flush pull handles, etc.


Basins usually are the central part of a well-designed bathroom. Those who like fitted basins can opt from a plethora of options among fitted bathroom furniture uk. These options include countertop, semi or full pedestal, wall hung, corner, inset, washstand basins, etc. 


Worktop size and type is something that one should be very clear about it. It is the place where one will keep their toiletries and other things, so it should be spacious. There are many worktop options like porcelain, granite, slate, quartz, travertine, etc.


Other than the importance, inclusions in a bathroom, many other small things will increase the bathroom's functionality and looks. Some popular bathroom accessories include mirrors, grab rails, towel rails, curtains, soap holders, etc. 


Without toilets, designing a bathroom can never be complete. There are many types of toilets that one can pick based on the area and the bathroom style. Some picks are like tankless, one-piece, two-piece, corner toilet, etc. among fitted bathroom furniture uk. 


Cabinets are not only for increasing style quotient but also for increasing the storage space of the bathroom. One can choose based on space availability and storage requirement. There are various designs to pick from like, louvered style, beadboard style, distressed style, thermo foil style, etc. 


A bathroom without bathtubs is not a bathroom. Some like to add shower cubicles in their bathroom, while others prefer bathtubs. Shower cubicles are a pretty common choice in spacious bathrooms. But in smaller bathrooms, one can choose tubs of various types like a freestanding, alcove, drop-in tub, etc.

Considerations before buying bespoke furniture

For all those searching for bespoke bathroom furniture, sometimes it can be an uphill activity due to various options. Some considerations and points that one should ponder upon before picking the perfect fitted furniture are:

  • Size and orientations: One should take into consideration the size of the furniture. It should also fit properly in the spaces where required.
  • Shape and color: Get the furniture customized based on the walls' color and the rooms' interior to enhance aesthetics.
  • Material: Always pick a material that is durable and sturdy. It will give a longer life to the furniture. 
  • Furniture style: Choose furniture based on style and design. It should not stick out from the rest of the bathroom fittings. 
  • Assembly and layout: Choose fitted bathroom furniture that is easy to assemble and install. 

Landing on the best pick

After deciding the furniture's design and theme, it is necessary to choose while buying. Thus, the next step is to take the leap of faith and choose the furniture that will suit the bathroom. Few things that require some level of research and findings are listed below. 

Identify the need

The very first step of buying fitted bathroom furniture uk is to know what the bathroom requires. The objective of furniture shopping should be clear. Decide whether one wants to add to the aesthetics, add to the storage space, or change the bathroom's entire look. 

Look around

Do some research, surf some websites, and get some references. Not all stores and designers are the best. Some are good, some are great, and some are below average. Make sure that the store is high quality and also caters to all furnishing requirements. 

Decide a budget

The next step is to decide on a fair budget for one's pocket and furniture requirement. However, one thing that one should keep in mind is that bespoke bathroom furniture will always cost a notch up from freestyle options. 

Pick a trend

Go and check a few lifestyle websites to get an idea of what is currently in trend. Doing some research will help in finding the recent trends, and then decide the interior accordingly. Now, this will pave the way for creating a trendy and updated bathroom.

Get recommendations

If one is not aware of the trends and furniture styles, it is better to get some expert help. Ask experts to help design and give some advice from time to time to help pick the right furniture. 

When it comes to bathrooms, it is better to invest some time finding the best furniture and fittings. Choose fitted bathroom furniture to get a well designed and summed up look for the bathroom. Choose what the requirement in the bathroom is and then pick a style that will suit the interior design of the entire house. Well fitted custom furniture will not only enhance the aesthetics but will also increase the utility to the next level.

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