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Wardrobes also sometimes have a mirror attached,either on the outside or on the inside of the doors



Planning a well-designed home: consider room and kitchen design for a better appeal


A home is a place that should be comfortable and cozy. Having a well-designed home is everyone's dream. Therefore, the homeowners'' must take time out for designing and planning the home from the very beginning, including kitchen and bedroom design. Every corner of the house should have its intent and objective. One can either hire professionals or can get the job done themselves. Before one goes out to buy new curtains and furniture, it is crucial to have a clear plan in mind and paper. There should be proper objectives, themes, and budget in mind before going on a renovation spree. Having a good plan will always give a good result in the end. 


Planning the home interiors

The reasons why proper planning for a kitchen or bathroom plan is required while having a new home are:

  • Comfortable: Proper designing of the room will help in improving the comfort of the bedroom.
  • Elegance: Well-placed furniture will boost the elegance factor of the bedroom, making it look better finished. 
  • More space: Proper design and layout of the bedroom will help utilize the space better.
  • Healthy mind: Having enough space and proper furniture in the room will help in boosting the mood.
  • Privacy: Proper furnishings and fittings will help in increasing the privacy and quietness of the room.
  • Luxurious: Choosing the proper furniture for the bathroom design of a modern look can add a luxurious look to the bathroom.


Designing the home interiors

Designing home interiors is a complicated task at times, and it requires a certain level of expertise and research. Few steps that one needs to go through while designing ones home are:

  • Research: Do some research to know what is in trend.
  • Consult an expert: Lire an interior designer to get ideas and expert guidance.
  • Get inspiration: Read magazines and visit the website to get some inspiration.
  • Decide on a theme: Choose a theme based on ones liking and preferences. 
  • Take measurements: Take measurements of the rooms and their elements.
  • Finalize a layout: finalize a bedroom and kitchen plan based on the collected data and guidance. 


Main rooms to plan and design

In a house, there are three main rooms which need to be paid attention to. Bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom should be designed on what the homeowner likes and how they will use the space. 

  • Bedroom: Bedrooms should have a cozy and comfortable layout that gives a warm and elegant feel.
  • Kitchen: one should design the kitchen plan so that the storage space would be maximized in the available space.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom plan should be spacious, stylish with various storage spaces and accessories.

Self-sufficient Vs. professional help

When planning on getting that dream home interior, it can be tough to choose whether to hire a professional or complete DIY with it. There are many pros and cons to each, and one should make a decision only after weighing every point.

Few things to consider are:

  • Experience: The professionals are more experienced when designing and planning the interiors of the house.
  • Cost: Cost can be an essential pointer for many. However, hiring a professional can help in saving money in the long run.
  • Time: One can save a lot of time by simply hiring a professional, as they will do their work without cutting into their clientele's time.


When compared between the DIY and professional designing and planning, getting professional help for the kitchen plan is much higher. One can save time and cost when working with experienced professionals.  



The bedroom is one of the most crucial parts of a house's layout. In this corner, one tends to relax after a long day and, thus, the bedroom should be cozy and comfortable. Adding proper furniture and accessories are very crucial to bring out the style and elegance of the bedroom design. 


Furniture to add

Few pieces of furniture that every bedroom should have are:

  • Bed: A good bed with a proper bed frame and mattress is a must-include piece. 
  • Wardrobe: one should choose a spacious cupboard that matches the interior.
  • Dressing table: A good looking dressing table can enhance the vanity area of the room.
  • Bedside tables: These tables come in handy for keeping small essential just near the bed.
  • Shelves: Shelves can be an additional storage space for room switch smaller wardrobes. 


Designing the best way

While designing the bedroom, certain things should be kept in mind. In this way, one can get the best designs and also use money in the right way. 

  • Simple and elegant: Keep the bedroom design minimalist to accentuate the room and theme better. 
  • Lighting: Add lighting and also let the natural light flow in to give a warmer and bright feel to the room.
  • Consider view: Always choose a bedroom with a good outside view, uplift one's mood.
  • Set a budget: Have a budget set in mind to fund furnishing in that range and not go overboard. 
  • Colors and blend: Choose colors and themes based on the style that one is going for and the mood that one wants. 
  • Storage need: Choose proper wardrobes and shelves to enhance the storage space more efficiently.



A bathroom is a private place that should be designed to bring out a single plan's simplicity and style. A good bathroom design should have proper storage spaces along with countertops and vanities to enhance the style. One can also add accessories that will match the interiors of the bedroom and bathroom. 


Furniture to add

Some essential furniture to add to a bathroom are:

  • Bathtubs: Choose a bathtub that is stylish and which fits the space properly.
  • Basins: A good looking basin can be any type and can enhance the look.
  • Vanities: For a classic look to the bathroom, vanities are a must-have.
  • Mirrors: Choose a stylish mirror that will up the style quotient of the bathroom.
  • Shelves and cabinets: Choose cabinets and shelves that are spacious and stylish.



Designing the best way

While planning on a bathroom design, it is necessary to keep the necessities that one needs to add. Cramming furniture and appliances will not do the job.

  • Plan a layout: Plan the layout, keeping in mind the space availability, and the furniture one needs to add. 
  • Consider budget: Decide a budget bracket so that one can pick furniture and fittings in that range.
  • Trends and fashion: Search what are the latest trends and styles to make the bathroom look fresh. 
  • Ventilation and lighting: Make sure that the bathroom has proper lighting and ventilation to up the hygiene. 
  • Space: Choose a plan that emphasizes space optimization so that one can move around.



A kitchen is a place where families tend to spend a lot of good times, and thus it is crucial to plan the layout accordingly. A good looking kitchen design will be spacious, well-lit, and well designed with enough storage space and appliances. It should be a comfortable space for cooking and some family time.  


Furniture to add

Some needed furniture in a well-planned kitchen are:

  • Cabinets: The right type and size of the kitchen will increase the storage space and style.
  • Pantry: A spacious pantry will be the right place for keeping all the food essentials. 
  • Kitchen islands: Big or small islands can increase the workspace in the kitchen.
  • Sinks: A good looking, easy to clean, and a big sink is a must-have.  


Designing the best way

One can decide and discuss many things before planning to create or re-do a kitchen design. However, to make the most of the money spent, it is better to ponder upon certain things, like:

  • Consider the elements: Choose all those elements needed to be added and stick to the list. Choose the durable! 
  • Workability: Pick only those elements and furniture that will increase efficiency in and around the kitchen.
  • Subtle colors: Pick subtle and minimalist colors to give a lit and hygienic kitchen space feel.
  • Set a budget: Ensure a clear budget from the very beginning before going on a shopping spree.
  • Style: Take into consideration the latest trends and ones' style while designing the kitchen.
  • Space and storage: Choose elements that will enhance the spaciousness of the kitchen.
  • Lighting schemes: Pick warm and bright lights for the kitchen to bring a cozy feel to the space.

Mistakes to avoid!

While designing and planning the homes, there are many times when one might not achieve what they are finding. That is, proper planning and follow up is required at each step. Some of the mistakes that should be avoided at any cost while deciding a kitchen or bathroom plan are:

  • Not sticking to a budget: Always stick to the pre-planned budget, as it is much easier to cross that line.
  • Not deciding a theme: Always pick on a single style, from the very start to uniformity.
  • Avoiding space: Measure the room's dimensions and then decide on the furniture to avoid cramming the rooms.
  • Ignoring privacy: Every room should have their privacy, and for that, good-planning is required.


To get a stylish home, one needs to invest their energy, time, and some money. With a proper bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen plan in hand, an objective in mind, it is easy to design a home as per one's choice and liking. 

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